Avoid Bathroom Cutter and Know What Not to Store in Washrooms!

For an organized person, one of the worst nightmares is a cluttered bathroom. Imagine being late for work and not finding where the toothbrush is with the number of cluttered objects strewn about in your washroom!
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So, if you’ve recently moved out and is about to start your life in a rented apartment, as per the advice of numerous bathroom renovations Maple, the trick is to know what to store in your washroom and what not.

Now, that’s easier said than done, for a person who hasn’t lived alone before. So, check out this blog to find out what to keep inside a washroom and what not to make it clutter-free!

Beginning with:

What Not to Store in Washrooms

  1. Medications

Often, medications are an item that most millennials end up storing in washrooms. Now, while the washroom cupboards seem ideal for these medications, like the pill or allergy solutions, bathrooms aren’t the correct choice. The reason being, firstly the excess humidity in the washrooms might contaminate the medication. Secondly, the kitchen or bedroom is more convenient as these have access to water and dry climate that prevents contamination of meds.

  1. Music Gadgets

Certain people carelessly leave their I-pods or MP3 players in the washroom,  as who doesn’t like the music while cozying in the bathtub? However, as instructed by numerous bathroom renovations Maple, this is a bad idea. In fact, the water can destroy the music players, so either go for waterproof ones or take these out of the washroom.

What to Occasionally Store?

Okay, you’re a late riser that needs things in one place before heading out to work! No issues, as per the instructions of several bathroom renovations Maple, you can occasionally store waterproof makeup, handy jewelry and reading materials like papers and magazines in the washroom. However, don’t let these accumulate in piles and bunches before you decide to clean them out.

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What is Safe to Store in Washrooms?

  1. Toiletries

Keep shampoos, face and body scrubs, moisturizers, toothpaste, and other beauty products in arranged drawers inside the bathroom to help find these conveniently.  Don’t cog these in one place as it can result in clutter. Instead, as per the recommendations of bathroom renovations Maple, ensure that your washroom has enough cupboards near the sink and convenient areas to store these products without a mess.

  1. Towels

Avoid storing your toiletries and towels in the same drawers. The reason being separate drawers help in preventing the chance of cosmetics leaking that can ruin clean towels. Moreover, damp towels are not good if stored with cosmetics or bathroom toiletries as these can create a musty smell which is unpleasant.

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Hence, store your towels in different drawers and prevent chances of dirty smell and unnecessary mess.

  1. Toilet paper and First aid kit

Toilet papers are bathroom essentials and they need to be stored in a clean dry place. Hence, bathroom renovations Maple advise opting for storing these in drawers under the bathroom sink, along with the first aid kit.

Accidents during shaving are common for both men and women, and having the handy first aid kit nearby is a blessing.

So, now that you know what to store and where organize products, use these pointers and avoid excess clutter in the bathroom. Good Luck! For more info, read here