How Does Paint Color Affect Work Psychology?

Organizations know it very well just as selecting right employees for an organization is important, so is the need of selecting right paint colors for the office space. Often, it has been seen that businesses wonders the right colors that they can use for painting an office cubicles; or for redesigning the office spaces. After all choosing the right color can easily help businesses to reach their goals. Hence, organizations in order to make their workers more productive, are taking the help of commercial painters Toronto.

Commercial painters rightly mention that paint colors can greatly affect the mood and behavior of the employees. However, exactly how can a color affect the color and work psychology is a topic of great debate. In order to have a clear understanding of it one needs to have a clear understanding of the principles of color psychology.

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Principles of Color Psychology

 In order to understand it one needs to have a clear understanding of the works of color psychology made by Carl Jung. Studies conducted by Carl Jung have shown that color can trigger various kinds of mood among people. However, there are some moods which are associated with colors.

 For example, warm colors like red, red, yellow, orange, can arise feelings of warmth, comfort, and anger. On the other hand, commercial painters Toronto can suggest using cool colors like blue or purple in order to induce a feeling of calmness. In short, it can be said that colors can have a great influence on employee’s behavior, mood, and also their productivity level.

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Colors at Work

In a workplace, an intense color not only affects the behavior, but can bring about different kind of responses from people. Hence, various kinds of colors are generally used within the office space.

Green Helps to Spark Creativity

Research has shown that green is considered to be one such color that creates a strong sense of balance among the individual. It helps to generate a positive association with nature and re-growth.

Blue Widely Accepted

 Commercial painters Toronto recommends using blue color in common office spaces. It can give a sense of satisfaction to a number of people. Moreover, blue color can help in reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. However, dark shades of blue should be avoided as it can generate a feeling of sadness, which can affect the work productivity.

Yellow and Orange

These two colors can easily inspire people and help them to feel fully energized. Orange can develop enthusiasm among people; whereas yellow provides a welcoming feel.

However, organizations when plan to use these colors should ask commercial painters Toronto not to make them the main colors. Orange can arouse appetite and yellow color can raise frustration among people. Hence, these two colors should be used as accent colors on the walls

Pink to Calm Down

If you don’t want your employee’s energy to get drained out, on should not paint the walls of the office space pink. This color can affect the work of a person.

Commercial painters Toronto feels that in order to decide which color would suit the office space; care should be taken so that it does not affect the boy, mind, and emotions. Read more about why is it important to invest in the right painting job for your home!