Zim Roofing

What’s better than having a roof over your head? Having a metal roof, of course. Metal roofing provides substantial advantages over traditional roofing that translates into a safer, more effective and efficient household. Metal roofing results in long–term savings, durability, and energy efficiency—all of which makes it an excellent investment for homeowners. Installation of metal roofs in Calgary or Edmonton has never been easier than with ZIM Group; browse through our products and installation pages and see if metal roofing is the right fit for your household.

Metal roofing provides unparalleled energy efficiency and durability that simply cannot be matched by traditional types of roofing. Due to its nature, metal roofs are resistant to all types of weather damage, such as hail, wind, freezing or thawing, and even fire damage. ZIM Group’s metal roofing is so durable that we provide a 50–year warranty on total corrosion. The nature of metal roofing also allows for enhanced ventilation and reflection—properties that help create superior and more effective heating and cooling. The increased energy efficiency results in savings for the household through reducing the cost of energy and heating bills.

We are a Worldwide Company

In addition to our new locations in Calgary and Edmonton, we also have operations all over the world, as represented by our wide distribution network of dealers and branches in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. All around the world, our reputation holds strong as the best providers of metal roofing products anywhere. Whether you are in Toronto, Ontario or Calgary, Alberta—finding sheet metal roofing that is durable, effective and competitively priced comes from only one place—the ZIM Group.

We want to be the best metal roofing contractors in Calgary and Edmonton—and we understand that this can only be done through utilizing our knowledge and expertise in the field of metal roofing, as well as building a strong relationship and reputation with our valued customers. Although the ZIM Group has a strong presence outside of Western Canada, we understand that it means nothing if we cannot provide the very same excellent service to our customers in Calgary and Edmonton. We hope that you’ll give us a chance to prove ourselves worthy of your trust and business.

Do your roofing right and be rewarded with savings that last a lifetime with ZIM Group’s metal roofing. With Calgary and Edmonton as our newest locations, we aim to provide to Western Canada what we have consistently offering to many other parts of the world—the finest quality of metal roofing available on the market.